Ambassador Jürgen T. Borsch

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Germany and Malawi look back to many years of friendship and cooperation. When Malawi gained independence on 6 July 1964, Germany turned its existing Consulate in Blantyre into an Embassy which was later relocated to Lilongwe in 1979. Half a century of German official presence in Malawi illustrates Germany’s commitment to support Malawi on its way to a prosperous and peaceful development.

After the historic gift of its reunification in 1990, Germany has been, for the first time in its history, surrounded by friends only. The German people share this fulfilling experience with the people of Malawi who are living in cordial, peaceful relations with all its neighbouring countries.

Germany’s and Malawi’s political cooperation is based on trust and mutual respect. On multinational level we are reliable, predictable partners. In the United Nations we are working together on equal footage, willing to understand and to promote understanding.

Germany’s official presence in Malawi “German Cooperation”, composed of the Embassy, the German GIZ (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) and KfW Development Bank, are committed towards achieving the ambitious goals of the Agenda 2030. The seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted at the UN Summit in September 2015, set the global political agenda to end hunger, reduce poverty, and lead the world to sustainable growth. The theme is “leave no one behind!”

Against this backdrop, Germany will remain committed to assist the people of Malawi in fighting poverty and hunger, improving health, social protection, education and good governance, and to create more jobs and income in rural areas.

The total volume of the German commitments during our longstanding friendship amounts to more than one billion Euros.

In addition to the presence of the German government in Malawi, a large number of volunteers, churches, aid organisations, private initiatives, non-governmental organisations, and private persons illustrate the close personal ties between Germany and Malawi, filling our relations with passion and friendship. Our website will continue to highlight the engagement of so many of our partners, so: stay in touch with us!

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Jürgen Borsch

Ambassador Jürgen T. Borsch

Ambassador Jürgen Borsch