German Development Cooperation in Malawi

Germany and Malawi look back to many years of development cooperation since 1964. Germany’s aim in Malawi is to contribute to poverty reduction as well as inclusive and sustainable growth.

Germany provides assistance through bilateral, regional and multilateral governmental development cooperation, as well as in cooperation with non-governmental organisations, churches, volunteer services and the private sector.

The current focal areas of bilateral financial and technical cooperation are

  • Education
  • Private Sector Development in Rural Areas
  • Health and Social Protection
  • Cross cutting: Public Financial Management; Nutrition

The implementation of bilateral development cooperation is realised by KfW Development Bank and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) as implementing organisations, on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) .

The role of the German Embassy in Malawi in development cooperation is to coordinate the cooperation with the Malawi government and other development partners, as well as to coordinate the activities of the implementing organisations, GIZ and KfW. 

Furthermore, it is a focal point for questions from German non-governmental organisations which are carrying out development projects in Malawi and supports small grant projects run by Malawian partner organisations through its small grant fund. In addition, Malawi is benefiting significantly from German support through regional and multilateral cooperation.  One particularly important partner of Germany’s regional cooperation is the Southern African Development Community (SADC) .

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Focal Areas of the Bilateral Cooperation

The focal areas of Germany’s bilateral cooperation are agreed in negotiations between the two Governments.


Non-Governmental Organisations in Malawi

Non-governmental organisations are a manifestation of civil-society involvement both in partner and in donor countries. The term “non-governmental organisations”, or NGOs, basically covers all associations or groups which are independent of government or state bodies and have a common interest, without themselves pursuing commercial aims.

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German Volunteer Services

Germany's different volunteer services are involved amonngst others culturally, helping people to help themselves, socially.


Small Grant Projects of the Embassy

Each year, the Embassy receives special funding to finance small projects for income-generating and poverty-reducing measures (small grant projects).

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Fact sheet on the Malawian-German Development Cooperation

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