Focal Areas in the German Bilateral Cooperation

German development cooperation supports the Malawi Government in implementing the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy II (MGDS II). The focal areas of Germany’s bilateral cooperation are agreed in negotiations between the two Governments.

Ceremonial handover of textbooks at Kawere Primary School in Dowa Enlarge image Ceremonial handover of textbooks at Kawere Primary School in Dowa (© German Embassy) With a large population growing rapidly and a low per capita gross domestic (GDP), Malawi is facing challenges in delivering good –quality primary education.  The situation in Malawi’s primary classrooms is characterised by a high pupil to teacher ratio as well as high dropout and repletion rates.

Therefore, German cooperation in the education particularly focuses on:

  • Improving teacher training for primary school teachers;
  • Improving teacher management;
  • Rehabilitating teacher training colleges;
  • Increasing the relevance of the primary curriculum;
  • Supporting home-grown school feeding programmes.

Fact sheet on education [pdf, 1,428.38k]


Private sector development in rural areas

The Adziwa Self-Sufficiency-Project Enlarge image The Adziwa Self-Sufficiency-Project (© Rainer Massmann) Successful, inclusive private sector development is essential to Malawi’s development. The Government of Malawi is implementing the national Export Strategy (NES) in order to broaden its export base and to increase the national income and stabilise it for the benefit of all Malawians.  In 2014, Malawi and Germany agreed on a new joint programme to create employment and generate income in rural areas. The programme will:

  • Contribute to product diversification and value chain development, e.g. in the oil seeds and cassava sectors;
  • Support cooperative development and contract farming activities with lead enterprises
  • Develop the tourism sector, especially through training activities
  • Support the development of the construction industry e.g. through through environmentally friendly brick production.

Fact sheet on private sector development in rural areas [pdf, 1,053.2k]


Health and social protection

Family planning in rural areas Enlarge image Family planning in rural areas (© Kerstin Henke) Malawi faces substantial challenges in providing its growing population with quality basic health care.  The aim of German cooperation in the health sector is to improve universal access to good-quality essential health services, especially in the field of sexual and reproductive health, including the fight against HIV/AIDS.  Germany collaborates closely with governmental and non-governmental providers of health services, such as churches and private companies to:

  • Strengthen human resources and quality management in hospitals and health centres throughout Malawi;
  • Support the education and training of health care professionals;
  • Improve access to modern family planning methods;
  • Improve the infrastructure of health facilities.

According to the Integrated Household Survey of 2010, 24.5% of Malawians are ‘ultra poor’ and therefore cannot afford even the basic minimum daily food requirement. Therefore Germany supports Malawi in implementing the National Social Support Policy (NSSP), by:

  • Strengthening coordination of NSSP programmes;
  • Providing social cash transfers to 10% ultra-poor and labour-constrained households in selected districts in Malawi.

Fact sheet on health and social protection [pdf, 1,186.47k]


Public financial economic management

Germany supports the Malawian Government across sectors in the implementation of reforms in the area of public financial and economic management (PFEM).

Through technical and financial cooperation, the German Government:

  • Supports budget planning and forecasting;
  • Strengthens budget implementation;
  • Encourage demand for accountability from civil society;
  • Supports increased domestic revenue mobilisation;
  • Strengthens oversight and control of the budget by supporting internal and external audit of public finances.

Fact sheet on public financial economic management [pdf, 871.4k]

Focal Areas in the German Bilateral Cooperation

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