The German Development Cooperation in Malawi

The relationship between Malawi and Germany looks back at a long history. Malawi has been a partner country for German development cooperation since in 1964.  Germany’s aim in Malawi is to contribute to poverty reduction as well as inclusive and sustainable growth.

Germany provides assistance through bilateral, regional and multilateral governmental development cooperation, as well as in cooperation with non-governmental organisations, churches and the private sector. Since 2012, Germany has been supporting the Malawian Government in implementing its vision for development through the Malawi Growth and development Strategy (MGDS II). The current priority sectors for bilateral financial and technical cooperation are:


Private Sector Development in Rural Areas

Health, and Social Protection

Cross cutting: Public Financial and Economic Management

For more information on German Development Cooperation please refer to the following link:

German Development Cooperation in Malawi

Speech by German Ambassador Dr. Peter Woeste

Focal Areas in the German Bilateral Cooperation

Focal areas of Germany’s bilateral cooperation are agreed in negotiations between the two Governments.


Regional Cooperation

The German Government also assists Malawi within the framework of regional development cooperation. 

Teaching practice at school

Non-Governmental Organizations in Malawi

Non-governmental organisations are a manifestation of civil-society involvement both in partner and in donor countries. The term “non-governmental organisations”, or NGOs, basically covers all associations or groups which are independent of government or state bodies and have a common interest, without themselves pursuing commercial aims.

weltwärts volunteers 2012 - 2013

Weltwärts (world-wards)

A lot of young people are interested in doing volunteer work in developing countries. Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development therefore created the government-funded volunteer service “weltwärts” in 2008.

German Development Cooperation

German Culture Day

Fact sheet on the Malawian-German Development Cooperation

Logo der deutschen Entwicklungszusammenarbeit (GDC) mit Malawi

Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development

Small Grant Projects of the Embassy


Each year, the Embassy receives special funding to finance small projects for income-generating and poverty-reducing measures (small grant projects). The average costs per project are about €5,000-7,000.