Germany releases 3.5 million Euro to support the decentralisation process in Malawi

May 23, 2014

After the conduction of local governance elections in Malawi between 20.-22. May 2014 Germany releases 3.5 million Euro (1.89 bn MKW) for the Local Development Fund (LDF).

"Malawians have voted – and this time for the first time since 2000 for their favourite councillors in their communities. Herewith I would like to express my sincere appreciation of the fact that the government under Joyce Banda has turned its promise into reality and has allowed Malawians to go to the polls in order to strengthen the democratic decentralisation process. Other governments in Malawi had found excuses (e.g. too expensive, not enough time for the preparation) in order to postpone the local elections one year after the other", said the German Ambassador, Dr. Peter Woeste.

The German Ambassador underlined: "A healthy local governance environment does not only need a strong, a committed executive. It needs to be balanced by a legislative element, by local councillors – as foreseen in the Constitution of Malawi."

The Local Development Fund (LDF) has been established by the Government of Malawi as a nationwide, standardized and transparent development financing mechanism for local governments. German funding has been contributing to the Urban Window of the LDF which concerns the funding of local public infrastructure. The purpose of the support is to enable Local Authorities to provide sustainable, local infrastructure in urban areas, thereby strengthening local governance and decentralisation in Malawi through the participatory process of identifying and prioritising projects in the respective Urban Development Plans.

Germany has been supporting the democratic decentralisation process in Malawi for over 10 years with technical and financial assistance. The German funding for the LFD, amounting to 11 million Euro (5,94 bn MKW) in total, was already committed to the Government of Malawi in 2005. The release of the last tranche of the commitment was bound to the condition to conduct local elections in the country.

The relationship between Malawi and Germany looks back on a long tradition: Malawi is a partner for German Development Cooperation already since independence in 1964. Germany supports the Malawian people in the three sectors of Malawi-German Development Cooperation: Health, education and democratic decentralisation. In addition, the German Government assists Malawi through regional and multilateral development cooperation, as well as in cooperation with non-governmental organisations and churches.

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Germany releases 3.5 million Euro to support the decentralisation process in Malawi

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