Germany Provides 5 Million Euro for Vaccines

May 15, 2014

Germany will co-finance the Malawian Expanded Programme on Immunization with 5 million Euro (2,75 bn MWK) to close the current financial gap in this programme. The grant aims at supporting the Malawi Government in maintaining a high immunization coverage, primarily among infants.

"The decision was taken in response to an immediate demand, in order to avoid shortages of vaccines and thereby protect and save lives", said the German Ambassador, Dr. Peter Woeste.
The German funding, channelled through KfW, will be used to support prevention of tuberculosis, polio, measles and tetanus. Apart from providing the vaccines and related supplies, the grant will free up resources within the Government's budget for other causes. The German contribution complements vaccines which GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation) will provide under the condition that the Malawi Government ensures a counterpart funding in its 2014/2015 national budget.

Vaccines are one of the most successful and cost-effective health investments. They reduce child mortality, illnesses and long-term disabilities. By helping healthy people stay healthy, vaccines remove a major barrier to human development. Immunised children have higher cognitive abilities and are more likely to attend school and go on to be productive members of their community.

Germany had originally intended to provide the 5 million Euro in form of general budget support, which has however been frozen since 2011. The continuous challenges in Malawi's public financial and economic management led to Germany changing its membership in the "Common Approach to Budget Support" donor group to observer status two weeks ago. "We are pleased to be able to redirect our funds to directly improve access to immunisation in Malawi. This underlines our continued commitment to support the people of Malawi independent of our membership status in the CABS group", stressed the German Ambassador.

The relationship between Malawi and Germany looks back on a long tradition: Malawi is a partner for German Development Cooperation already since independence in 1964. Germany supports the Malawian people in the three sectors of Malawi-German Development Cooperation: Health, education and democratic decentralisation. In addition, the German Government assists Malawithrough regional and multilateral development cooperation, as well as in cooperation with non-governmental organisations and churches.

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Germany Provides 5 Million Euro for Vaccines

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